No Credit Check Offshore Bank Account


Is your poor credit history preventing you from opening an offshore bank account?

An offshore bank account is a savings account that is located outside of the account holder’s country of residence. There have been a number of high-profile cases of people in the public spotlight using offshore accounts as a way to avoid paying tax on their savings. However, offshore account holders are liable to pay tax on the interest they earn from the accounts, so they are a perfectly legitimate method of saving your money.

What are the benefits of offshore accounts?

Offshore savings accounts are not suitable for everyone, but for certain people they have a host of great financial benefits, including the following:

  • If you live or work overseas, regularly travel to another country, or hope to retire there you can save money in that country’s currency.
  • Saving money in that country’s currency removes the risk of losing out if the exchange rate weakens in the future
  • Small, remote islands that play host to offshore accounts can use the cash to grow their economies.

Offshore banking the BZX way

Many of the big high street banks offer offshore accounts, but they also carry out strict credit checks on applicants too. If you have a poor credit rating due to bankruptcy, CCJs, arrears, and defaults then you will likely be turned down by high street banks.
Here at BZX Investments we specialise in offering offshore bank accounts with no credit check, so no matter what your financial circumstances are, if you’ve got money to save, we can help you save it. By offering no credit check for offshore bank accounts we are able to help thousands of people who would otherwise be denied the benefits of offshore banking. Contact us today for more information, and our friendly team will be happy to help you.